By way of an introduction, I'm mostly interested in questions, playing outside, and their hybrids.

I'm an activist and designer interested in collaborative environments. My early days in New York involved catalyzing public interactions on sidewalks and subway stations with a giant "Talk To Me" sign as well as working 25 floors above Wall Street (SOM) designing international new cities and campuses. I'm originally from North Carolina where I managed an urban agriculture youth enterprise called the Durham Inner-city Gardeners (DIG). Currently, when I'm not hoisting cameras up on balloons (with Public Laboratory) or hugging trees with tape measures (with TreeKIT), I teach geospatial tools for urban design at Columbia.

Contact me at ebarry | gmail | com

@lizbarry CV (pdf) Graduate Portfolio (pdf) Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science Parsons Sp12 GSAPP RNYU 11 Parsons Sp11 URBAVORE TreeKIT GrassrootsMapping GSAPP RNYU 10 Parsons Sp10 GSAPP RNYU 09 City as Living Laboratory RPA's Transit Cuts Long Island Coastal Resiliance Project wiki Sponge City Hudson Riverkeeper Talk To Me USA bike tour Durham Inner-city Gardeners